we do stuff when we get around to it. tomorrow we'll be teaching an seo class and using this site as an example of what not to do.

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Cognigen: Sell telecommunications without the hassle of inventory. Free training, materials and website. Sell completely online or harass your family and friends to buy from you or become an affiliate. Anyway, they give you a FREE website. Unlike many other affiliates, they charge nothing to sign up. They also give you free promotional material, free links, and free training. What's okay about this, is that you don't have to do it on the internet at all. Five star worthy is that this is an older established company; not an internet brainchild. [affiliate information]

Agloco: The jury is still out on this one only because it's so new. We signed up. Now you do it if you give a shit. Remember AllAdvantage? Same concept. If you don't know AllAdvantage, whatever. Go read the information at Agloco's site. I'm not trying to get on their payroll. Sign up for Agloco. No. According to TechCrunch these people aren't paying out. Quit wasting your time.


SEO, SEF, Free Advertising, and Etc.

SEO: Acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it's importance is in the discovery and subsequent popularity of your website. How did you find this site for example? I bet you didn't Google for it. I bet you found a site we host and got here that way. How do I know? Because we're too busy to give a shit to actually market this website effectively. [Plus. The logs are showing no referring URLs.] :)

Actual transcript: Maddux says, "Can I install the CMS? I'll run it and everything." "When we get around to it," Johnson says. Maddux, "Fuck you Johnny! You're still in mourning over your plant." Johnson says: "He was an old plant. It was his time to die." Maddux: "Fuck it. I'm too busy to give a shit." Johnny: "Me too."

Free Advertising - Place your ad for free - This is a damn fine marketing concept. And as all good things and in the spirit of Bill Gates: "Why invent when you can copy and refine?" And if you leave the referrer id in there, we'd appreciate it. We'll find someone to blow you. So once you get your free Cognigen website you can come here and post your free ad right? Why not.

Cheap Advertising: We'll fill this in later.

2600: Checking the logs last week I see that few people still cling to the old 2600 pages. Sorry to say but the only remnants of those left are in the recesses of our disgusting minds. If you guys really want the 2600 back. Write Maddux...I don't think he's ever too busy to show people how to pirate effectively not that he does such thing.


Reduce Costs + Correct Affiliations + Smart Marketing = $$$

Cheap internet access. Don't pay stupid prices for dial up internet access. Look at this comparison chart and if there are access numbers in your area, you can't go wrong. Oh and recommend Cognisurf to your friends or website visitors, and make unlimited  money offering valuable services. [affiliate information is same as Cognigen's above.] The smart person would sign up as an affiliate and then get Cognisurf or any of the other services Cognigen provides. In essence, paying yourself to save money.

$0 Web HostingFree Domain Hosting. Free WWW? WTF? These guys offer FREE domains without adbanners or popups? Perfect for the new entrepreneur or netrepreneur. Normally, I wouldn't give a shit, but that would be stupid for a new guy such as yourself to not test the waters with this idea. Still have to pay for your domain name I think. But that's what? $8 a year? I don't know... I don't care.  See for yourself. It'll open in a new window. Free Web Hosting.


SunRocket:: Only $199 a year :: Unlimited local and long distance  :: No activation fee :: Taxes Included :: Many Features included ::
Only $199 a YEAR for broadband phone service that includes all the bells & whistles!
No activation fee! Taxes included! Unlimited local and long distance within the 50 U.S.
Extra phone #, Distinctive Ring, Caller ID, Call waiting, Voicemail & more!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
We've always recommended PayPal when it comes to internet transactions.
Do you offer goods or services over the internet? Look into Paypal.

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